How i did it …

I just have a bit of time before going out … thought i’d make a little post about how i set this blog up.

  • I already had my own domain name, so that was easy.
  • I downloaded the source code for WordPress 2.2.1 and unzipped it locally to try it out first.
  • All i had to do was create the database and then the install page sets it all up, easy peasy.
  • I experimented with three OpenID plugins, settling on WP-OpenID+. That allows me to log in with OpenID, and commenters to use OpenID to authenticate their comments.
  • I fiddled and fiddled and fiddled with the gazillion configuration options! Always a fun thing to do! :)
  • I modified header.php to include the three lines of code that link this blog into my identity. This means i can use this blog as an OpenID URL. Very nice! :)

Well, that was about it, really. Of course, you can get a WordPress blog which is hosted at WordPress itself, but i was wanting to be in control of my own blog here, which is why i’ve chosen to download the code and host it myself. I’m really pleased with the freedom it has given me.

For those who want to know, this is how i allow this blog to be an OpenID identity, authenticating with …

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This feels good!

I’ve spent pretty much the whole day finding this alternative to LJ and setting up, but wow, it feels good! I feel so liberated, like i’m taking control. Okay, i probably never posted any pictures that could get me banned from LiveJournal, but who knows how long it will be before they make a new rule: “Anyone who disagrees with LiveJournal’s policies will be banned”!

I really love this WordPress thing. I’ve just noticed it saving my draft, just like LiveJournal did. It’s massively configurable and i haven’t even begun to look what themes might be available for me to use. To start with i’m pretty happy with this default one. I am able to use this blog to connect to my identity, and thus i can authenticate myself on LiveJournal to post on other people’s entries. Anyone with a LiveJournal has an OpenID so they can comment here, too. I haven’t yet looked into a good RSS aggregator, but i know there are good ones out there, so i’m sure i’ll find something appropriate. This is great! We have the technology to take control of blogging, and not be at the mercy of LiveJournal, Six Apart, and their silly lawsuits!

I’m going out to a barbecue with some work colleagues tonight, so i better go and get ready. I am SO GLAD i’ve done this today, and i think it’s going to encourage me to blog a lot more often. YAY!! :)

Hello world!

Wow, i think i like WordPress! This morning i decided it was time to get away from LiveJournal. This afternoon i have a WordPress blog set up, and i’m ready to go!

I have been getting increasingly annoyed with Six Apart over the last several years, and i just feel the time has come to take control of my own blog, not waiting around for anyone to decide whether the things i post are acceptable or not, and whether i am about to be deleted. I had a few requirements: RSS integration and OpenID support, in order to keep the sense of being connected with other people, whilst at the same time being separated from LiveJournal, or any other journaling sites which may end up going the same way as LiveJournal. WordPress gives you RSS for free, and i found a neat little plugin which seems to do the OpenID quite nicely. I have no requirement for friends-only posting since i generally made my posts either public or private on LiveJournal. I will find a nice RSS aggregator for keeping up with my friends at LiveJournal, and if i miss some friends-only posts … well … i had too much to read anyway!

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