Revelling in my independence!

Over the last few years i have removed my dependency on Microsoft and Google, and i am now weaning myself off Yahoo and LiveJournal. I have embraced Linux, OpenSource, and now i’m finding the joy in doing it my own way! I have nothing particular against Yahoo, but i like the idea of being in control of my own email, not having emails stored on someone else’s server, so i will use as my primary email provider, as well as my personal blog.

This morning i have set up an account with Bloglines RSS aggregator, which is wonderful because it tracks my LJ friends, but also if any of my friends move to GreatestJournal or InsaneJournal or any of the others, i can keep up with them just as easily there, plus friends who host their own blogs independently.

Of course i have now just created a dependence on Bloglines – but at least it’s not Google Reader! Maybe i’ll find an RSS aggregator that i can download and run myself, or maybe i’ll write my own!

Oh, the barbecue was really good fun last night! Not as many people went from Development as i had hoped, but we had a good time, and it was really lovely to meet people’s partners. The food was good, even if a little lacking in stuff for vegetarians to eat. No, i’m not complaining; i ate plenty of bread, salad and potatoes, and it was very nice.


4 comments on “Revelling in my independence!

  1. Oh you found Bloglines! Yes, I am totally addicted to it, but it saves me a lot of time – instead of checking a hundred web sites every day, I just check one web site a hundred times :o)

  2. Ah, nice to have a thumbs-up for Bloglines! I’ll say it feels a little bit clunky, compared to all the swish new Web 2.0 stuff flying about the web at the moment, but it looks as if it works quite nicely! :)

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