Well that was a fun day!

I can’t help but wonder what Six Apart/LJ staff are making of all this drama. Maybe they don’t care. Flooding the news posts doesn’t seem to have done any good. I think it’s pretty much just giving LJ more money because every time we reload, it loads up the Google ads. Are we still just a tiny little drop in the whole world of LJ? I don’t think i’ve ever seen the users quite this riled up, and yet, nobody at LJ is making any sort of attempt at a response. I know it’s the weekend and all, but you’d think someone would give a damn, wouldn’t you?

Heh, that post where burr86 made a stupid remark about six-year-olds having sex, prompting a surge of very angry people shouting back, got deleted. The moderator of the community didn’t appreciate the post being turned into a very hot flame-war. So of course, thousands of people wanted screenshots of the original comments, which some forward-thinking people had already thought to provide! Their servers promptly crashed as everyone went to have a look!

Then a news article appeared at firefox.org, got lots of linking … and then firefox.org went down!!! It’s back up now, i think.

A very good article has now appeared on darksiderainbow.net which explains the whole situation very well and very fully. The author really understands that it’s not about two people being deleted, and it’s not about whether or not the characters portrayed were underage. It’s about LiveJournal not having clear rules, acting suddenly and not explaining themselves, and ignoring literally thousands of pleas for clarification.

This is big. This is the most epic screw-up i’ve ever seen on LiveJournal. I’m just so glad i can sit over here and observe from a distance! :) Although i still have a presence on LJ because Liz kindly syndicated this blog for me: aimee_mychores.


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