LiveJournal Monopoly

This is quite funny, even with the current anti-LJ feeling going around:


I’d like to play this! :) I love the Lulz and FTWs: “Get unsuspended free”, “Go troll the Seattle community”, “Surprise Buttsecks gets you $25”, “U showed ur tits on the intertubes. Collect $50 from every playa”.

Apparently Brad likes it! :)

Update: Oh, fantastic! I also just managed to send a pingback, or trackback, or whatever it’s called! Now a summary of my post is appearing that LJopoly post! That’s fun! :) I’ve wanted to try that out for ages, but LJ never supported it.


6 comments on “LiveJournal Monopoly

  1. Hey Liam! How wonderful to see you here! Thanks for coming to visit me in my new home! :) :)
    It’s a shame, when you post from LJ OpenID it doesn’t bring your name across, but you are now a registered user on my new blog and you can go edit your name if you wish!

  2. Hey Aimee, just wanted to let you know I’ve subsribed to your RSS feed. I’ll read through it when I get a chance to (should be in a couple of days)! I hope you’re well.

    Vicky x

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