Now SERIOUSLY hacked off at LiveJournal.

They’ve had a whole day, and they have not even acknowledged that anything is going on.

The only good news we’ve had all day is that Brad is rumoured to be leaving LiveJournal.

Meanwhile, several thousand angry LiveJournal customers have now filled up five news posts, each with 5,000 comments. And we’re well on the way through the sixth.

Because this is now serious business, i filed an abuse report:

Dear Six Apart,

You might have noticed something is happening in LiveJournal’s news posts. Are any of you ever going to have the courage to address this problem, or even acknowledge it?

Whilst it has most certainly been far more entertaining than anything on television tonight, we are not actually doing this for fun. We are trying to get your attention.

I personally would like to see an explanation for the two randomly purged users. Don’t tell me they broke Terms of Service because if they did then so did a lot of other people in the very same community, who have not been purged. Fandom is collectively crying out for some sort of explanation to your inconsistency.

I’d also like a public apology from burr86 for the mocking comments made on Saturday. If not, i would be very happy to see burr86 sacked from Six Apart.

At the very least it would be nice to have an acknowledgement that you’ve noticed there is a situation going on and you’re planning to do something about it, rather than sitting around eating pizza or making baby Franks, or whatever it is you’ve spent the whole day doing.

By the way, feel free to suspend me, or purge me, whatever. I’ve made my goodbye post and i’ve set up an independent journal, hosted myself, where i will certainly make a great deal of noise if you do decide to delete me from LiveJournal.

Waiting for your response,

I am seriously very angry about this. All weekend we gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking we’d get something on Monday. But it’s been a whole working day, and still nothing. Big, bold, underlined, struckthrough, flashing capslock could not even begin to convey the anger that i feel towards Six Apart tonight.


5 comments on “Now SERIOUSLY hacked off at LiveJournal.

  1. It’s only 3:20pm in San Francisco, darling. They have until 5pm then it’ll have been a full working day (typically 9am-5pm in the US). So.. we’ll see what happens but I’m doubting they’ll do anything or say anything.

  2. Indeed it has. I’m highly considering jumping ship. I’ve deleted two of my accounts there. I have two that I can’t for the life of me remember the passwords to. Two others that I’m unsure if I want to delete or not. Then there’s my rp one that I can’t remember the name of. I do however really like how your blog is setup though I’m archiving from lj to greatestjournal and have been for a while now.

  3. Thanks honey! It does feel nice to have an independent blog. Kinda like buying your own house must feel like, instead of renting. And thank you for your kind comments about the layout – it’s the default WordPress layout; i just changed the header picture.

    I think as soon as Brad leaves LiveJournal a lot of people will consider it not worth hanging around anymore. Where everyone goes remains to be seen, but i do think with RSS, OpenID, pingback and trackback, we have the technology to stay connected even as we become distributed. These are exciting times!! :)

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