A turning point in Internet history

It has been confirmed: Brad Fitzpatrick is leaving LiveJournal. This is great. I think once Brad goes a whole lot of people will be less inclined to hang around. Those of us who remember the good old days before Six Apart came and ruined LiveJournal, many of us were only hanging around out of love for how it used to be, and holding a vague hope that things wouldn’t get too much worse. Brad was our reminder of the humble origins of LiveJournal; i think we felt quite a loyalty to the founder. Brad leaving could be the catalyst for a lot more people jumping ship.

Happily, Brad has left us with the most perfect tool to use to keep together whilst we all disperse from LiveJournal: OpenID! Even as we go our separate ways, we have OpenID as a de-centralised way of asserting our identities wherever we go. It’s a shame GreatestJournal doesn’t support OpenID; i hope that changes soon.

With the technology tools we now have: RSS and RSS aggregators, OpenID, pingback and trackback, we can definitely retain our sense of community and connectivity, without needing to be on the same site. I do believe this is a very exciting moment in Internet history! :)


2 comments on “A turning point in Internet history

  1. Hello beautiful!

    I thought I’d drop by and say hi, I must say you’ve done a brilliant job, I really like your journal, well done you! Hee hee, you’re using the same theme as I’ve got set on my MyChores preferences! I’m glad you’ve finally broken away from livejournal and gone independant, it seemed like you needed to for quite a while, and I’m sure you’ll be much happier now. Hooray! =D

    I’m going to stick with lj for now, since I hardly use it at all anyway, and I’m not very good at all of this RSS feeds and sorting out those complicated things, so I’m happy to just sort of hang around in the background of lj ignoring all the problems and keeping in touch with my friends for the moment. It’s not as if I even post much, hehe.

    Anyway, loads of hugs for you, and congrats on your lovely new independant journal! Great choice!

    Love you!
    Fe xXx

  2. Hey Felix! Thank you so much for popping in to say hello! That makes me feel very happy! :)

    You might be interested to know that the picture comes from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, photo here: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/496175

    Here’s my RSS feed which is basically my new friends list: http://www.bloglines.com/public/sermoa – you come under Friends because i haven’t bothered to make a separate Family folder.

    Hugs and gazillions of love, Aimee xxx

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