Made of WIN!!!

Der Spiegel has an article about the EPIC FAIL of LJ/6A. (here is a translation)

Today i emailed The London Paper, London Lite and Evening Standard to let them know what’s going on. I picked up a copy of The London Paper that was lying around on the train home, but i haven’t had time to read it yet. Even if it’s not in today, i’m glad i made them aware of the situation. Perhaps i ought to phone them!

In the meantime Six Apart have spent another day completely ignoring us all. We’ve filled up at least another two news posts – that’s another 10,000 protest comments, but still nothing. A few users did get responses to their email complaints last night. They were basically a pile of copy pasta, saying there was an announcement on the way to lj_biz. That announcement has still not appeared. Such lies!

I have spent the whole afternoon singing “Do you see the fandoms spam?” to myself, which is based on “Do you hear the people sing?” from Les Misérables, one of my favourite musicals! It is for the win!! :)


10 comments on “Made of WIN!!!

    6A is shopping for a buyer but before they start making deals they’re trying to rid LJ of anything embarassing that could ruin a deal with a buyer! It’s in a CNet article titled “Lack Of Artistic Merit”.

  2. Thanks for your links!

    I have seen the lj_biz article and it didn’t clarify anything. What kind of a guideline is “You’re only in trouble if you get reported”?! And no public apology from burr86. Enough. I’m not wasting any more time at LiveJournal. LJ for the FAIL.

  3. Amen to LJ ftl.

    You can find me on wordpress by the end of tomorrow. I just need to set things up and move my entries over there.

  4. That’s a great article in the Spiegel.

    I’m not sure it’s wise to get tabloids involved, though. It’s great that you’ve got the energy for some activisim, but I can’t imagine slashers getting a particularly fair treatment from a right-wing paper like the Standard, especially once they realise there are accusations of promoting paedophilia. I’d worry that drawing their readers’ attention to the site might just expose more slashers to complaints and bannings. The Spiegel is a bit different – it’s a glossy magazine with a reputation for tackling controversial subjects, and Germany tends to be more sex-positive than Britain anyway, I think.

  5. Hi Liz, thanks for your advice. I don’t think they’re likely to even cover it, and i made sure to keep all mention of underage porn out of my email.

    Lovely to hear from you! Please do drop by here again! :)

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