Considering having a change of heart

I learned once, in the context of spirituality, to ask myself the question: “Is it possible that there is something i do not fully understand … the understanding of which could change everything?”

I think that could apply to this LJ/6A situation too. Having just read The terrible secret of Livejournal i think i have just realised something. I need a little more time to think about it, and the implications, but in a nutshell it says that Six Apart have done fandom a huge favour by not saying what’s legal and what’s illegal. I think one paragraph of the article sums it up very well:

The best thing Six Apart could do for fandom is basically what they did. They said “We will obey the law.” They have to say that. They didn’t say what the law actually entails, which means they didn’t admit to knowing what the law actually entails, and they didn’t force us all to have the very unfortunate discussion of how much fandom material is actually legal. They said “We will ban anyone we know is doing illegal things through Livejournal.” They also have to say that. They didn’t say how strongly they have to know you’re doing illegal things to warrant a ban. They didn’t say it – because it would be suicide – but they came as close as they possibly could to saying, “If you make sure we don’t see it, we’ll let you post what you want to post. And we’ll try hard not to look until we’re forced to.”

I still don’t think Six Apart handled the situation very well; permanently deleting was a bit much in my opinion, i don’t like the underhand removal of the strikethrough, i can’t believe it took them 5 days to even acknowledge they’d noticed something was going on … and i am still waiting for a public apology from burr86. Add to that all the other things i’ve disliked about LiveJournal over the years, and i am very happy to be out of it. But i have definitely softened my opinion of Six Apart since reading that article and considering what i did not fully understand.


Yay! It's Heroes Wednesday!

Heheh, time for me to move on and start talking about something other than the LJ screw-up!

I have felt so excited for Heroes all afternoon! I have high hopes for it … probably because i’ve heard American friends talking about it on Twitter for several months! :) I have only watched 3 episodes, but i am enjoying it very much so far. I have a colleague at work who has downloaded the entire first two series and watched them all – it’s very hard not to give me spoilers! Another colleague is watching for the first time. We’ll all three of us be tuned into BBC2 tonight for episode 4. :)

My partner is having a battle with the PC – the PC appears to be winning. I expect i’d better go and make some dinner!

The line has been drawn.

After 5 days waiting for something from Six Apart i was honestly hoping for something better than this. I am indescribably underwhelmed. It took five days to put that load of waffle together?!

Here is my final word on the matter:

Really not impressed.

Where is the explanation of what constitutes artistic merit?

“You’re only in trouble if you get reported” does not sound like a guideline to me.

Why have i had no response to the abuse report i made?

Where is the public apology from burr86?

Ugh. After 5 days waiting i was hoping for better than this. I determined not to post anything to my journal or any community until there was a decent explanation. In my opinion that has still not come.

Give brad a kiss for me. I loved LiveJournal when Brad was in control.

Six Apart, take the middle finger. Goodbye.

I refrained from making any posts since Sunday, even in the deathly_cntdwn community, which i miss. Unfortunately i can’t even post OpenID comments there, since LJ treats OpenID the same as Anonymous, and the community has Anonymous commenting switched off. I was hoping that after a word from Six Apart i’d feel comfortable to log back in with my LJ identity, but i have to say i do not. Which is a shame. Eight posts full of comments prove that as well as being entirely pissed off, people really do still care about LiveJournal.

Personally, i have wasted enough time with LiveJournal. I’d love to see a mass exodus, and i’m encouraged to see all the discussions going on as to what people want, and maybe some very clever people will make a few new sites that will be just what fandom needs. I know a lot of people will stick with LiveJournal, but really it’s creeping death now, since the Six Apart screw-ups seem to be getting more frequent. I hope that my getaway will prove to others that it’s an easy and rewarding thing to do.