The line has been drawn.

After 5 days waiting for something from Six Apart i was honestly hoping for something better than this. I am indescribably underwhelmed. It took five days to put that load of waffle together?!

Here is my final word on the matter:

Really not impressed.

Where is the explanation of what constitutes artistic merit?

“You’re only in trouble if you get reported” does not sound like a guideline to me.

Why have i had no response to the abuse report i made?

Where is the public apology from burr86?

Ugh. After 5 days waiting i was hoping for better than this. I determined not to post anything to my journal or any community until there was a decent explanation. In my opinion that has still not come.

Give brad a kiss for me. I loved LiveJournal when Brad was in control.

Six Apart, take the middle finger. Goodbye.

I refrained from making any posts since Sunday, even in the deathly_cntdwn community, which i miss. Unfortunately i can’t even post OpenID comments there, since LJ treats OpenID the same as Anonymous, and the community has Anonymous commenting switched off. I was hoping that after a word from Six Apart i’d feel comfortable to log back in with my LJ identity, but i have to say i do not. Which is a shame. Eight posts full of comments prove that as well as being entirely pissed off, people really do still care about LiveJournal.

Personally, i have wasted enough time with LiveJournal. I’d love to see a mass exodus, and i’m encouraged to see all the discussions going on as to what people want, and maybe some very clever people will make a few new sites that will be just what fandom needs. I know a lot of people will stick with LiveJournal, but really it’s creeping death now, since the Six Apart screw-ups seem to be getting more frequent. I hope that my getaway will prove to others that it’s an easy and rewarding thing to do.


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