Yay! It's Heroes Wednesday!

Heheh, time for me to move on and start talking about something other than the LJ screw-up!

I have felt so excited for Heroes all afternoon! I have high hopes for it … probably because i’ve heard American friends talking about it on Twitter for several months! :) I have only watched 3 episodes, but i am enjoying it very much so far. I have a colleague at work who has downloaded the entire first two series and watched them all – it’s very hard not to give me spoilers! Another colleague is watching for the first time. We’ll all three of us be tuned into BBC2 tonight for episode 4. :)

My partner is having a battle with the PC – the PC appears to be winning. I expect i’d better go and make some dinner!


5 comments on “Yay! It's Heroes Wednesday!

  1. Oh Heroes!! I miss it … but Season 2 will start in September! (I wrote little summaries on my blog for most episodes 2-23 …You can find them under the TV category.)

  2. Oh, excellent! I remember reading your Twitters about Heroes and thinking of the minature chocolates we get here! ;) I’m so glad we’re having them broadcast over here now!

  3. Erm. It’s “Cast favorites” until the next season starts. Meaning they’re playing reruns of episodes for the next several weeks. Heh.

  4. Oh you’re a Heroes fan too? I think it’s brilliant! Just enjoyed episode 4. It has me on the edge of my seat sometimes, like no other programme ever does! :)

  5. I’m actually not that big of a fan of it. I couldn’t get into it during the first episode. Usually if something can’t make me like it by the end of the first episode I end up never watching it. *shrug* That and there’s usually other shows on at the same time I’d rather be watching (Fat March, Hell’s Kitchen).

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