It's the weekend!!

Oh, it’s one of those Fridays where i feel i really deserve a weekend! :) It has been a ridiculously hectic week. I try not to let things get to me, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work. Yesterday particularly was a very stressful day. Today, however, was quite nice. We got lovely Friday Cakes (danish pastries) and for lunch i went out for a 2 for £5.99 Subway with the new tester, who is picking things up extremely well and getting on well with everybody.

Tomorrow we have a good friend coming to visit for the day, which means i shall spend the morning cleaning frantically to get all my chores done and the flat looking respectable. Then i can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather that it looks as if we’re going to be blessed with!

On Sunday we shall be going to see my aunt and uncle for lunch. I was supposed to go to give my cousin a piano lesson this evening, but they’d gone out for tea and forgotten! Never mind, it’ll be nice to see them all on Sunday and have a chance to catch up over lunch. This is promising to be a very lovely weekend! :)