This is EXACTLY how i feel today:

Ahhhh, Caturday

Having a very lovely day, got all my chores done early, and enjoying time with a good friend today. We had a lovely walk around Winchester, which looked especially beautiful in all this sunshine, and enjoyed listening to a great jazz band in the high street! Today i feel particularly aware of why i love living in Winchester! :D


5 comments on “Caturday!

  1. Awww what a lovely picture! I’m so pleased you had such a great day! Hugs to you too gorgeous, thankyou for commenting on my journal! (I replied there, incase your RSS or whatever doesn’t pick that up) And I just thought, if you did want to see that previous friendlocked entry that I refer to, Kevin could show you if he still logs into his lj. But anyway, that sounds like a wonderful day, it makes me so happy to read about it, like you said, hehe!

    Love and blessings!
    Felix xXxXxXx

  2. Hi Felix! :)
    Actually, it seems i don’t get email notifications when people reply to my OpenID on LJ, which is a shame. I might be able to do something about that – i’ll have a go.

    Oh, i just read about needing to find a new home for your cats. That is so sad. I wish i could look after them for you for a while, but we’re not allowed cats in this flat. Could mum and dad take care of them for you?

    Let me know if you need any help, eg with taking photos or putting them online.
    Love and hugs,
    Aimee xxx

  3. Hey again!
    I added you to my lj friends, I didn’t know I could do that! hehe. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck sorting out email notifications.

    As for the cats, thankyou so much honey, it really means a lot to me that you’d be willing to do that if you could. For now they have a temporary home at the Cat Shelter, which is why I go there as often as possible – to cuddle them and to help Sue out with the kittens (she has 11!) although it’s difficult since we no longer have a car again, heh. But they settled in well and seem to be fine there, they miss the space they had with us but at least they’re not going to go hungry and will get to see a vet when they need to. I do miss them very much though.

    We now have other cat issues to sort out though, firstly Matt is moving out soon apparently (Hooray!) but this means he’s taking Jasper with him. That’s good since we can’t afford Jasper, but it’s bad since for several months a while ago I had to feed Jasper my lunch every day to stop him going hungry, because Matt refused to buy food for him. It has always been up to Mark and I to feed him and change his water, and take him to the vet if he needs it. I am so worried about him, and I really do not believe Matt has the right to ‘own’ any animal at all, especially since he can be in the kitchen in the morning eating his breakfast, and decide not to expend that tiny bit of energy to pick up Jasper’s bowl and fill it with food from the ‘bin’…. saying that “It’s not my top priority”….. Yeah anyway, I need to stop ranting about that, hehe! Sorry!

    We also are about to take on 2 more cats, because the person who has them now is suddenly allergic to them and has shut them up in a tiny little room and ignores them as much as possible. But we’ll be fine with that, their owner (who lives in the US so can’t have them anymore) is going to help us out with the cost of them. I just wish I could find a real home for Jasper is all. *shrug* Oh well.

    Well that turned into a bit of a splurge, heh oops. Sorry to go on at you so much! I’m off to the Cat Shelter now, so I’m really happy about that, I’ll have a brilliant time as always I’m sure!

    Loads of love!
    Felix xXxXx

  4. Hey Felix! Just to let you know i have read this and i just hope things all work out well. It’s nice that you’re going to get 2 more cats and be paid their expenses.

    It’s sad that Matt doesn’t see the cats as a priority. You use the word ‘own’ but i think that’s the wrong word to use. We are carers, not owners. If we do not care for our pets very well, the pets will find a way to care for themselves.

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