Look what i found today!

I was absolutely delighted today to discover there is a Co-op in Woking! For a while i have been getting my dark chocolate from Alldays, which sold Co-op chocolate until it went and turned into a Budgens, which sells no fairtrade chocolate whatsoever. But a quick look on the website turned up a Co-op just 15 minutes walk from my office, on a road i had never been to before. And they sell these:

Fairtrade Co-op chocolate

YAY!! The dark chocolate is my very favourite chocolate in the whole entire world! For the taste, the texture, even the size of the chunks – not too big like Bournville – just absolutely perfect!

I really got into this when i decided to give up milk chocolate for Lent this year. I knew i couldn’t give up chocolate altogether (chocolate is my middle name!!) but i limited myself to dark chocolate. I also discovered that it was much more economical to buy a bar of this for 99p which would last me for a week, rather than buy a 50p chocolate bar every day. Now i very rarely eat milk chocolate anymore – i much prefer dark!

Yum yum yum yum yum yum!!!!! :D

2 comments on “Look what i found today!

  1. Co-op fair trade chocolate is pretty good, although I can’t eat anything with less than %60 cocoa content without feeling ill. It’s annoying since the best (for me) fair trade bar I can find is Green & Blacks Maya Gold which is %50, although it used to be higher.

    The higher cocoa content stops me from eating as much chocolate as I used to, which is not a bad thing.

  2. Oh, i absolutely agree; i love high-cocoa-content chocolate! 70% is really good! :D I think this Co-op ‘dark’ chocolate is actually pretty low (something like 40%) and it has a lot of sugar … but i like it very much indeed! :)

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