News round-up

More reasons not to shop at Morrisons.
Reason #483: Somebody died from an E.coli infection.
My gosh, that’s terrible. What worries me is that two separate Morrisons stores were both infected, so the source is probably infected, and other supermarkets may well use the same source. Everyone should definitely become vegetarian.

Another thing:
Ingenious uses for the ‘Out of Office’ tool! There are some funny messages on there! I like the idea of a ‘no-email day’. I doubt our office would take that on, but it is a good idea. I always get terribly distracted by emails. I used to set aside two sessions a day where i dealt with email, and ignored them at other times. Sadly those good intentions quickly lapsed – i must try that again.

In other, more personal news, i got a bonus today! :) Well it comes tomorrow, but i got the letter about it today. So i can finally pay back my partner for the money i borrowed to move house a year ago. Maybe i can even get a new computer which i so eagerly desire! :) I’ll also put aside some money for our holiday to Hungary in September.

Which reminds me – i need to find someone to look after Suzie our hamster. Any takers? Hamsters are easy to look after – just need feeding and watering, a few cuddles and a run-around in the ball every evening. Suzie is incredibly friendly and loveable. I don’t really want to transport Suzie too far, so if there’s anyone in Winchester who can look after a hamster for two weeks, please let me know!

Suzie treats

More Suzie photos here :)


6 comments on “News round-up

  1. Ah, well you see, now we have a conflict of interest. You’re trying to convert the world to Macs whilst i’m trying to convert the world to Linux! ;) Seeing as it’s me who is buying the computer, i think i know who’s going to win!!

    But thanks for the question. You’ve got me thinking, and i’ll certainly consider it. I don’t think i’ll get one, but i’ll look into it, i promise.

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