Entirely exhausted

Goodness me, i am struggling to keep my eyes open at half past nine! It has been a truly exhausting week, but we had another release today and for once i am pleased with it. Just a service pack, but it feels like we re-released the major version from a few weeks ago, only we did it properly this time!

Some of my colleagues at work have signed up to MyChores to keep track of who does the tea round!! heheh! Each person gets assigned to do it once per day. If they miss it one day it skips on to the next day but raises the importance level! I’m hoping they start to use it properly because i have been thinking of building some report templates, and maybe they’ll come up with some nice ideas for reports!

MyChores is now very close to getting 500 members! I expect we’ll get there this weekend! I’ve not yet done a plug in this new blog, so here comes one now …

MyChores.co.uk helps you track household chores and other recurring tasks!
Stay on top of your chores
with mychores.co.uk

I have also had some really lovely testimonials lately – they’re worth a read. It always makes me feel really good that other people find MyChores so useful!

I was going to have the youngest of my siblings to stay tonight, but we decided against it since we’re both so tired. My family are in Winchester for the week so i’ll be sure to get some time together with all of them.

Oh yay, and i ordered my computer bits today! Another colleague is also getting one the same, just without the monitor, so i’m quite hoping we’ll all come over to my house and learn how to build a computer together! Such fun!! :) It’ll be really nice to know i built my own computer, but also quite special to know that it has a twin! :D

Finally, because i suddenly found it again tonight, after months of searching for it … the original Love Potion theory. I wanted to believe this so badly after Half-Blood Prince. It says that Hermione dosed Harry up with Love Potion to get Harry to fall for Ginny. Obviously it wasn’t true; we know that now from Deathly Hallows, plus i debunked it myself (much to my disappointment) back in June. Still, the original essay was still a good one, and still very interesting to read.