I did it!

I migrated the MyChores journal across to WordPress! I found some excellent scripts to perform the migration (not everything worked since the Typo journal was horribly out of date!) so i have all the posts and categories as before, plus there was some dark magic involved to keep the old permalink format and redirect the old RSS URLs to the new ones, meaning that the feeds should still work.

This morning i found a nice theme for it which is based on the Kubrick theme so that the OpenID works, but looks a bit more like the theme i used to have. The theme was not widget-aware but i managed to hack that a bit, and now i’ve got the sidebar showing the same content as the old sidebar used to. Brilliant! :)

This post sounds like a complete spew of geeky waffle, doesn’t it! haha!


6 comments on “I did it!

  1. Watch out Aimee they’ll get you writing code at work if your not careful.

    I like the new blog by the way….

  2. Hi Jim, thanks! :) Lovely to hear from you again!

    I am getting rather bored of testing now, so maybe a bit of code-writing would do me good. Shame it’s all .NET and C# which i have very little inclination to want to learn …

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