A nice lazy Caturday

Hide and seek cat

At Liam’s request i have enabled the img tag in comments, so feel free to post your own cat macros in response! ;)

Today is a nice slow-going day. I have loads of chores to do, but don’t much care. It’s a long weekend – there’s plenty of time! ;) I went out into town with my partner this morning, and spent a lovely time wandering around the charity shops, not buying anything!

My parents are about to come round and drive us up to the garden centre where we shall buy some potting soil for our nasturtiums which are growing at a ridiculously fast rate! Since we also have a £10 gift voucher we might treat ourselves to some other flowers to go on the balcony.

Oh, and i have heard some wonderful news: John Williams hopes to do the music for the final Harry Potter film! That makes me soooooo happy! John Williams is my favourite modern composer, and it will be lovely to return to John’s themes for the last one. Not that i’m unhappy with Nicholas Hooper; i love the soundtrack to Order of the Phoenix and i’m looking forward to hearing what Nicholas does with Half-Blood Prince.


11 comments on “A nice lazy Caturday

  1. Garden centre, thanks for reminding me we're planning to go to a garden center to buy our needs in our garden. I've never heard about the nausturtiums but sure they're pretty and I love plants that are growing at a ridiculously fast rate. I'll look for that kind of plant.

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