Balcony plants

Whilst i’ve got the camera out …

Balcony plants

This is our attempt thus far to decorate our balcony. The Leucothoe Scarletta which i bought yesterday and haven’t had time to kill yet, the Nasturtiums which look as if they are desperately trying to stay alive (hopefully a big pot and a sunny balcony will help) and the strawberry plants which have survived the frost of winter and are growing quite quickly now! :)


4 comments on “Balcony plants

  1. did you know that nasturtiums are beautiful in salad? i used to have a nasturtium plant that i named shelley ( as in percy) … it was always dying. but i made many a salad out of it.

    the balcony looks lovely.


  2. Nice plants. You should try having the Money Plant. The vine like structure is nice and is said to be good for feng shui and can help you be more prosperous.

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