What 'clean cutlery drawers' looks like

You know, it troubles me that people might see ‘clean cutlery drawers’ on my Twitter (from MyChores) and not appreciate the enormity of the task! It’s a major operation which involves getting everything out and getting water all over myself and the kitchen floor!

Cleaning the cutlery drawers

Just for your appreciation of what i did this morning! :)

It’s not as big as cleaning the inside of the cupboards though … which still needs done! Erererererer …

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3 comments on “What 'clean cutlery drawers' looks like

  1. i miss england with her washing machines under her sinks! in america, the washing machine is SUCH a production! in san francisco, we're lucky to even have one.

  2. Haha oh really? I guess some people here have big washing machines, but just for two people, ours is quite sufficient! :)I like going to the laundrette and seeing the huge industrial washing machines! Do you have those?

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