Photodiary: making computers

It started with two empty boxes and a lot of bits:
Getting all the bits together

Mainboard with processor and heatsink:
A closer view

This is me – yes me! – making my own computer!! We’re all too excited to be able to hold the camera still, LOL!
Shaky cam

Comparing to make sure we’d both done it the same:
"No, no, it has to go in the next pin along!"

Memory in:
Pushing in the memory

Hard drive and DVD drive in, everything hooked up:
DVD drive in

And – OH MY GOSH!! – it works!!
Not a set-up shot

Two finished twin computers:

Up and running!
Up and running!

And since Mandriva didn’t like the hard drive, i thought i’d try Debian:


4 comments on “Photodiary: making computers

  1. That’s an excellent job!

    I’ve got a laptop that’s running Mint 3.0 now – and it’s lovely – a Debian version – and it goes like a dream. The best bit of all though is that the kernel’s got the required bits in there to allow VM access to the USB ports and that’s a godsend.

    You’ll have to show off your new pet to me at some stage!

    PS – I’m still a philistine – can’t get on with Gnome so I’m still running KDE

  2. Thanks Becky!! :D

    The first thing that i did when Debian started up was to look for KDE, but when i didn’t find it within five minutes i just decided to stick with GNOME. And you know what, it’s not too bad! :)

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