All going well

I seriously love my new computer – and Debian! Now that i understand the apt-get process i have been apt-getting to my heart’s content all day long! I messed it up a little bit this morning because i didn’t understand what sources i should use. I got onto a test source, and it upgraded about 700 files on the computer and then it wouldn’t work. So i re-installed Debian! Then i messed up my screen resolution and had to re-install again! But now i am very happy! Just to be able to type apt-get install gnucash and two minutes later i have GnuCash installed and ready to use – that is brilliant!

I have installed Ruby, RubyGems, Rails, Java, Aptana, RadRails, MySQL, gFTP … all with very minimum of difficulties. Guess i must be getting used to this Linux malarky! I have restored the MyChores database locally, and got the code up and running … i am so looking forward to developing now with a proper fast computer! :)

This morning we went for a long walk through the water meadows and out to the Post Office depot to pick up a package which must surely be a birthday present for me! I am not planning to do anything particularly special for my birthday tomorrow – strangely, i really don’t want to. I’ll be quite content just to have a peaceful day, open my presents and cards, obviously, and i want to make some cookies to take to work tomorrow! The prospect of going from late-mid-twenties to early-late-twenties is an interesting one, but not worrying. It just is. I guess i really should make an effort to act a bit more grown-up, but then, i still enjoy kiddies meals at Burger King. Perhaps i always will.


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