A happy birthday.

I have had a really wonderful day. Didn’t do much, didn’t even get dressed until 1pm! Just spent the day relaxing and taking things easy. A large proportion of it was spent fiddling with the new computer, but that is all good fun – especially when it works! :)

I watched the last Heaven and Earth this morning … was really quite upset that it’s over. I always enjoyed the show. I do hope it comes back again. Must remember to email the BBC and tell them how much i’ll miss it. I baked some cookies to take to work tomorrow, and made a lovely dinner of cheese strata, which turned out very well, with green beans and gravy! Oh, and i watched Billy Elliot this evening – i love that film. I should really get to see the theatre production of it someday.

Here is something brilliant: a very good WordPress Flickr plugin. It enables a Flickr widget in the sidebar, a page for Flickr integration (see here) and, most usefully, a Photos tab, enabling me to quickly insert Flickr photos into posts. It uses the Flickr API. I wanted to upload a new picture of the nasturtiums, so here’s an opportunity to try it out.

So first the nasturtiums looked like this (back left):

They quickly grew way too big for the little seed tray, so i transferred them to a big pot:

One week later, they are looking ever so much happier:

Hooray! :)


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