Happy happy!!

Just finishing up configuring the computer … i have managed to enable sound – hooray! Strange it didn’t just happen automatically when all i needed to do was run alsaconf and it figured it all out for me. Also playing with Samba and network sharing … at the moment i can see my partner’s computer, but it’s not working the other way around, or at least, i don’t know what authentication details my partner is supposed to supply. No worries, we don’t really need it right now. I am also finally figuring out symbolic links and how to use them effectively.

OH MY GOSH!! I have just found this Rhythmbox music management package which has managed to connect to my iPod and play stuff from it – annnnnnd connected to MuggleCast and is currently playing me the latest episode!! This is the greatest!!

This computer is such a great birthday present to myself! :)

Here are my other presents and cards that i had this morning:

Birthday presents

Now we’re looking into Songbird – as a cross-platform alternative to iTunes. Exciting!


8 comments on “Happy happy!!

  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve been unable to send text messages all day but just got back to my PC after my grandad’s 80th birthday party so I could post this :) Glad you’ve had a good one.

    Oh and I strongly recommend Amarok over RhythmBox, it’s commercial quality in my opinion. Oh and if you like apt-get, try aptitude.

  2. Many many happy returns of the day. You can always learn new things when you are configuring a computer and that is how I have also learnt many things. I hope you and your partner both will find each other on the network. If you want to visit some fun stuff then you can visit


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