VMware Server

I am totally thrilled – i have managed to install VMware Server and got Windows 98 running as a virtual machine! I connected up the network so that i can see MyChores running on the host machine, therefore enabling me to test on IE without having to borrow my partner’s computer all the time.

VMware Windows 98 on Debian

That is the coolest thing! It’s so nice to have a computer that’s capable of doing it! :) And VMware Server is completely free! BRILLIANT! :D

Thanks to these instructions and these guidelines – installing VMware Server would have been a whole lot more difficult without them.

Unfortunately, it has made me realise just how poorly MyChores performs on IE6. Now i have to decide whether or not i’m going to do anything about that!


8 comments on “VMware Server

  1. I know that, but apparently there’s a few people out there who haven’t yet realised it – so i need to test my websites under Windows too!

    It’s such a shame i can’t run a Mac in a virtual machine, otherwise i’d try that too. I can download Safari for Windows these days, so i can have a go at that under virtual!Windows.

  2. *hugs you* Well I think it’s possible but I don’t have the slightest clue how to do that. I’m still researching how to get OS X Tiger onto an old old IBM Thinkpad. lulz.

  3. Can it be done? I thought they had totally different processors … but i have heard that Apple use Intel processors now, so maybe it’s possible. Good luck, hope it works for you! :)

  4. Well I know people would use BootCamp to run windows on a Mac, and I’ve heard of people running Mac on a Doze box. So I’m assuming it can be down. How it can be done, I’m not sure.

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