Caught out!

In an email i just read from Cheryl:

i should have known that you’re a virgo! … ONLY a virgo could come up with mychores! you know that, right?

I feel like somebody just caught me doing something shameful! I always like to deny that there can be any possible truth to astrology – it just seems so absurd that a group of people would all behave in the same way just because of the time of year they were born. And yet i have just been found out, behaving exactly the way that virgos are predicted to behave!

Well i heard somebody recently compare star signs to nationalities. You don’t say that all Italians behave the same way, yet there are noticeable traits that are shared by many Italians. I definitely conform to the ‘reserved British’ stereotype, so maybe it’s not so bad that i do sort of fit into the ‘meticulous, analytical, worrying, perfectionist Virgo’ stereotype! I still maintain that it has to be coincidence, though! haha!


2 comments on “Caught out!

  1. Oh no, I knew you were a Virgo, too. (Don’t worry, so am I!) Actually, it’s weird, in my department at work there are a bunch of Virgos, and we are all “typical” of our sign – meticulous, organized, perfectionists…

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