There's life in the plants yet!

I was delighted this morning when i went to look at the plants to discover them not dying but actually reviving themselves rather nicely!

We had a set of Nasturtiums, Petunias, Marigolds and Asters, to grow from seed. The Nasturtiums are doing the best, thriving in their big pot. The Petunias died out altogether and i had to throw them away. But i decided to re-pot the Marigolds and Asters into some spare little pots, and i’m feeling glad that i did:

Little plants Asters?

Doing alright! :)

In other news, we had a fire drill this morning. The fire wardens were well aware of it, and well prepared in advance, but i felt really nervous this morning. It has been my first drill since becoming a fire warden. I had to put on the ridiculous bright yellow jacket, pick up a clipboard and a torch and usher everyone out, checking all the rooms were empty before leaving too. Everyone was impressed that i first went to a colleague who often needs a wheelchair, to ask whether it would be too painful to walk down the stairs. If that colleague was in too much pain today the two of us would have stayed in the stairwell, between two sets of fire doors where we should be safe if there was a real fire. As it was, my colleague was able to walk today, but seemed very touched that i thought to ask. Heheh, well like i said, we’d planned it all out beforehand! ;)

Update: having just read a previous entry i’m not sure whether those are Petunias or Marigolds, the small shoots. In my other entry i said that the Marigolds died, not the Petunias. Can anyone tell what they are just by looking at the shoots?!


6 comments on “There's life in the plants yet!

  1. Haha you’re funny! I didn’t think there was that much correlation between being gay and growing flowers, actually!

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