I am on holiday for two weeks! Tomorrow we set off for Hungary. We will be staying at a hotel in Budapest. I am hoping to do a whole lot of nothing, read some books, do some cross-stitch, go for walks, see the city … it should be lovely. Most of all i’m looking forward to not having to worry about work, and all the stress that goes with it.

I am spending the morning getting things organised, and maybe doing a few chores if i get time! I have taken our plants upstairs to the balcony above, where they are going to be looked after for two weeks. This afternoon i am taking Suzie to Southampton to a good friend who is going to take care of our precious hamster. I think we might get to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire too! :)

We’ll be back on Caturday, two weeks from today. I’ll probably manage to post a couple of times from an Internet cafe in Budapest.



9 comments on “Holiday!

  1. Holidays are fun, if we can find time from our busy schedule. Two weeks to Budapest. How was the weather there? This picture is really good. Your kitty and the bag. It's been long since I've been away and to a place somewhere beach, rain and peace. Hope you would have had great fun in Budapest. Jobs sometimes take a lot from us mentally. Btw, whats Caturday? Saturday?

  2. Hey buddy, whats this about? I have never heard it neither I knew that story. I think I had to shape it out and find out how it is. Hope the drink tastes good.

  3. It’s pretty obvious where they’re going with that. I’m not sure I like the precedent they are setting. I would love it if Adobe would commit to documenting all of the APIs in the Flash player so that we all get to play with the same tools.

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