Happy holidays

We are thoroughly enjoying our holiday, although i am also looking forward to going home. We have been to many museums and visited many tourist attractions. We shall probably spend the remaining days re-visiting places we have already been to take some more photographs.

One of my favourite places we visited was a Roman ampitheatre, out of the way where not many people visit. It was thoroughly overgrown, but felt steeped in history. There were hundreds of lizards living in the stones – so pretty they were. I was lucky enough to find a still one and take a photo. Most of them run away when they hear you coming.

Today i am spending a morning on my own, since i am the kind of person who needs to do that every now and then. I have a bottle of water, a book and an iPod, and i shall walk up the hill to find some peace and stillness, away from the crowds and the noise. I am currently reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, which i highly recommend. It is intriguing and fascinating, with a really sweet hinted underlying love story. I am not half way through yet so i do not know what might still happen.

I hope everyone is fine. I look forward to coming back home and being in better contact with everyone.


4 comments on “Happy holidays

  1. I get to do BOYS CHEERLEADING for our Powder Puff game (big homecoming tradition). After fighting with every school I’ve ever been to since I started transitioning, this time I didn’t have to fight at all. The teacher who is running it knows that I’m trans and she’s completely cool with me cheering. HELL YES! One small victory for me.

    Annnnd now I have to get my ass out the door to school. We have a SADD meeting in 20 minutes.

    Love you!

  2. Oh. Congratulations! I must confess, i rather fail to get excited about cheerleading, but i’m glad if it’s fun for you! Will i get to see pictures of you in your costume?! xxx

  3. I think we’re just doing T-Shirts and jeans… unless the guys actually wear skirts (which would be, uh, scary, haha..) but yes, there will be photos of this event.

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