A colleague has been a complete hero for me and recorded Heroes whilst i was away. Therefore i have two episodes to watch tonight, and another two tomorrow because it’s a double-episode on BBC2. Hurrah! :)

So no holiday snaps going online tonight, heheh!

Oh yes, and i’ve just remembered i am babysitting for cousins tomorrow night, so that’ll be a marvellous opportunity to watch Heroes on their nice widescreen flatscreen TV.


2 comments on “Heroes

  1. Ahhh Season 2 premiered here last night..! Now I either have to watch what I say or you just can’t read my blog anymore :o(
    (Though I had a big conversation about it with a co-worker at lunch, so I may have gotten it out of my system for this week.)

  2. It’s okay, write whatever you like. I’ll just skip over things i don’t want to see! :) Well — i’ll try to!!

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