On resisting Facebook …

I have finally succumbed to the dreaded Facebook! Over the past few months i have been consistently ignoring all Facebook requests … but today i find out that one of my siblings is using Facebook for a blog, and i do want to keep in touch … so i have joined.

Things i don’t like … i can’t use OpenID, i have to provide my full name, there doesn’t seem to be any RSS to keep track of friends (you have to sign in to the Facebook blog platform)

Things i like … it is a clean, well thought-out interface (unlike myspace!) and … well … maybe i’ll find some other things to like about it later!

Things that just scare me … how easy it is to find other people, and whether i’m going to be inundated with faces from my past now. I found the group of the theatre company that i used to be in, and there are so many people there i recognise. I’m not sure whether i want to be in touch with them all again. Maybe it’s just because i know i’m not very good at keeping in touch with people, and i don’t want to disappoint people. Perhaps i really do want to be in touch with them, but i’m not sure they’ll want to know me. I just feel apprehensive.

And yet, in contradictory news … today i have been making the XFN and FoaF to specify my other identities, and links to friends. I have a nice sidebar on my blog to show them all, and i found a good FoaF visualisation tool.

Well, we shall see how it goes with Facebook. Chances are i may really enjoy it once i get used to it. Right now i’m going to upload a few of my holiday photos.


14 comments on “On resisting Facebook …

  1. I friend requested you! (Um, with my real name… which is not Lola.) I really like Facebook: it gives you lots of privacy control, and even though you use your real name (though you don’t have to – some people just use a first name or nickname), you can control who sees what information on your profile, if you come up in search results at all, etc. I agree with you that the layout is so much nicer and cleaner than other social networking sites (cough cough, MySpace, cough), but you can still customize what modules of information you display, and you can add additional modules, like favorite movies or books or your pets or whatever. I like the news feed, which shows updates your friends have made – MySpace has no such thing, you just have to view everyone’s profile to see what’s changed. And… there’s probably a bunch of other stuff I like about Facebook, but this comment’s getting really long, so I’ll stop :o)

  2. Hi Lola, thanks for the explanations for Facebook. I think i may grow to like it. The rumour that it is being bought by Microsoft is apparently a load of rubbish. Which reassures me.

  3. Facebook is a unique method to be in contact with friends. I also use this & finds it very interesting.

  4. Thats a plus point and negative point of Facebook but you really find very old friends, someone you're not in touch with on facebook which makes it great. I also don't like facebook much but I've found a couple of old school friends through it. Something I would have found from my other social networking sites so easily. I love their applications too. Some of them are really great.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up about Photobucket. I believe that teamwork between Adobe and companies working with the Adobe technologies is a great idea. But that still leaves the undocumented APIs as a concern.

  6. See ! That’s why it’s not a good idea to speak to mobile phones when crossing the street. Indeed, nice film clip.

  7. it is still fair use to comment on public affairs. The Nation could not be sued if they simply reported that Ford was preparing a book that provides details of his role in the Nixon pardon.

  8. really do want to be in touch with them, but i'm not sure they'll want to know me. I just feel apprehensive. This is really communicating.

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