Views of Budapest

Here are some views of Budapest. The scenery is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, and these photos don’t do it justice at all, but here goes, starting with a trip up Gellért Hill:

Crossing Elizabeth Bridge to the Buda side you see this beautiful waterfall:
Waterfall from Gellert Hill

A statue half-way up the hill, looking out over Elizabeth Bridge:
Budapest statue of liberty

At the top you find this lovely garden and statue which can be seen from miles around:
Gellert Hill

Huge statue, though i have no idea who it is or what it represents:
Statue on Gellert Hill

This hill is extremely high; from here you can see the three main bridges over the Danube:
Bridges seen from Gellert Hill

You can also see Buda castle:
Buda castle seen from Gellert Hill

A close-up of the castle, taken from a funny angle:
Buda castle

From the castle we had some lovely views, for example Chain Bridge:
Chain bridge


Margaret Island, which is an absolutely beautiful and very peaceful place:
Margaret Island

This is a cogwheel tram that took us up another hill, towards our hotel:
The cogwheel tram

At the top of this hill is a phenomenal view. You’ll just have to take my word for it:
View from the hill

And look what else is up the hill – this ginormous great spike which you can see from all of Budapest:
Some funny spike on a hill

Here is the spike seen just down the road from our hotel:
The spike, near the hotel

I became somewhat obsessed with the spike:
That spike, seen from Gellert Hill

Our hotel room had a balcony with this view:
View from hotel balcony

We could even see the castle (just!):
You can see Buda castle!

Even more photos on Flickr!


2 comments on “Views of Budapest

  1. budapest is a wonderful place. I've been there 7 years ago and I am sure the city has improved since then

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