What 'properly clean the oven' looks like

Continuing my clean home pride, here is the oven just after i have thoroughly cleaned it:

Inside of the oven A nice clean oven

I could have shown a picture of me laying on the floor to clean it, but it wouldn’t have looked very attractive!

I love the feeling of pride i get just after i have finished cleaning something. I am definitely going to enable picture uploading to MyChores to use as a motivational tool. I also made use of the MyChores tips feature today – i had some nasty grease spots that Ecover couldn’t shift, so i looked up on MyChores and remembered that bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) is good. It worked, but i used a bit too much and got a sort of salty residue.

Yes, this is a thinly-veiled MyChores plug, of course it is! ;)


2 comments on “What 'properly clean the oven' looks like

  1. MyChores deserves a plug, veiled or otherwise! hehe

    It really is a fantastic site, and I think a photos feature would be brilliant too. That oven is beautifully clean, I’m jealous! =P I personally would love to be able to put up before and after pictures of things I clean, it would be extremely motivating and help me feel even more positive and proud of myself.

    On a side note, there is a new friends locked post on my lj, but I would actually advise you not to go look unless you really want to, it is all full of stress and badness, and I wouldn’t want to make you feel down. For the most part I’m actually really happy at the moment, and I just had a great weekend, where Mark and I went out for a walk all day along a canal, and we had a huge steak dinner too!

    Anyway, love you loads gorgeous! xXx

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