Plants doing really nicely.

I am so pleased with the way the plants are coming along, especially when i look back of pictures to see how they have grown. Sadly, i don’t think they will flower this year, but hopefully they will survive the Winter and produce really lovely flowers next year.

My mum sent me the seeds through the post. This is how they began:


The Nasturtiums grew the quickest and needed re-potting. They looked quite yellow at the time:


But look at them now!

Nasturtiums doing a treat!

The Petunias could not be saved. I nearly threw away the Asters and Marigolds too, but since i had two small pots spare, i thought i’d give them a try. This was precisely one month ago:

Little plants

I’m glad i gave them a chance!!

Little pot plants coming on well

I’ve never much luck growing flowers from seed before. Some credit must go to our neighbour who looked after them for two weeks whilst we were away in Hungary. I’m really delighted with how nicely these plants are turning out! :D


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