Something has completely just made my day!! I went to Morrisons at lunch time and guess what i found: WISPA BARS!!! They were at the front, near the cigarette counter, a whole big display of them, with the slogan: “Some things are better left in the 80s. Other things aren’t!”

So of course i bought one! I had to! This must be as a result of that petition to bring it back. But you know what, if they can bring back Wispa, surely they can bring back Fuse! That was the most delicious Cadbury’s chocolate bar evarrrr!

Ooooh, here’s a news article! :)


3 comments on “WISPA BARS!!!!

  1. Okay, in the article they compare it to an Aero bar, which I have tried… Is that what it’s like? (We just went on a British candy run to this gas station about 30-45 minutes away that stocks snacks from the UK. I got a Bounty [hadn’t tried it before, but it’s like our Mounds bar], some Fruit Pastilles, and some Cadbury Buttons, which were sadly disappointing.)

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s like Aero, no. I haven’t eaten an Aero for many years (because i disapprove of Nestle) but from what i can remember Aero is harder, and the bubbles are bigger than what i am eating now. Yes i am actually eating my Wispa right now!! :D

    Oh, Cadbury Buttons are yummy!!!!

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