A slow, lazy Caturday

Firstly, today’s Caturday picture is extremely special because it features Lola’s cat, Ivan!

Can someone hand me the 12mm socket?

Such a cutie!! :)

I was thinking of going to Basingstoke today but maybe i can’t be bothered. I haven’t really decided, which probably means i will end up not going. Perhaps i’ll just look around Winchester instead. I have a £50 M&S voucher, which i’d like to turn into a nice Winter coat, but the M&S in Winchester is rather small.

I have totally come around to Facebook now! What i love about it is the integration possibilities, with the myriad of plugins that people have written. Facebook is good in that you don’t really have to think about what you’re trying to do; you just do it. That’s high praise for any application. I found i can use Facebook as a portal to other weblications. So on my profile i have some Flickr photos, my Twitter status and my latest three blog entries. I have MyChores making a Twitter update when i complete chores, and Twitter, in turn, updates my Facebook status!

It seems obvious that i’m going to need to do a MyChores Facebook application of some sort – i just need to work out what it will be.

Speaking of MyChores, i made a Google Spreadsheet this morning, just braindump some ideas that have been floating around my head for a while. If anyone’s interested, you can find the spreadsheet here.


2 comments on “A slow, lazy Caturday

  1. Very funny and cute, but I thought YOU were the one that put all that IKEA furniture together.

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