What 'disinfect the fridge' looks like

Once upon a time i used to take everything out of the fridge, put it all into a coolbag, and frantically clean and dry everything as quickly as possible to get it all back in the fridge again.

Then i became smart! I only need do half of it at a time. It’s not such a big daunting task, i don’t have to rush to get it all clean and dry, because everything else can remain stacked up in the fridge:

Everything else left happily in the fridge

I wash the shelves in the washing up bowl with a kettle of boiling water (because they are so cold they cool down the water quickly) and a few drops of Ecover multi-purpose cleaner. Then they can be left to dry naturally:

Cleaning fridge - half the shelves at a time

I am very pleased with this technique; it works very well for me. :)

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