Heroes Wednesday

I have finally persuaded my partner to watch Heroes! I accomplished this by saying that both Christopher Ecclestone and George Takei have big parts in it tonight (which is true – i read it in a review on the way home)!

The review also said that you can start watching tonight and still pretty much understand the storyline. But after tonight the plot starts to accelerate so quickly that you’d have to get the whole box set to have any chance of understanding it! Apparently. Which is interesting, because i thought i can pretty much see by now where this series is heading. Maybe i can’t!

So yay! We will both sit down at 9pm to watch Heroes, and hopefully my partner will enjoy it just as much as i do! :)


6 comments on “Heroes Wednesday

  1. heroes is awesome! watching it right now myself. Reminds me a lot about how the X-Files in the 90s was just asy addictive, but this is waaaay better.

  2. Do you know which episode it is that you’re talking about? I’m curious what’s considered the point in S1 where you can’t start watching without getting confused…

  3. It was episode 14, and it was very good! Sylar escaped and went to the Bennet house, having caged up Mr Bennet. Sylar creeps out and almost kills Mrs Bennet, but the Hatian must have freed Mr Bennet because they both turned up just in time … but Sylar escaped.

    Meanwhile Claire has gone to visit Meredith (who seems really nice, and now i know why the house burned down!) Zak was the complete cutie pie sweetheart as usual, but when they get home they realise that Mrs Bennet has had a memory lapse again – but they can’t ask Mr Bennet about it because they’re not supposed to know about the memory erasure business! But they must be wondering what has happened today that needed to be erased. This gets interesting!

    Peter has some lessons with the invisible man, who pushes Peter off the 30-storey building. Peter doesn’t manage to fly in time, but does succeed in regenerating, simply by remembering Claire. Hooray!! :D

    Hiro had some ridiculously dull scenes with George Takei. Shame, they could have made more of that.

    Oh and at the end we found out who Claire’s father is! Which is really interesting because it means Peter is Claire’s uncle! And all that time they were talking in the prison a few episodes ago, and didn’t know they were related! Awww!!! :)

  4. Ohhh wow, that’s Episode 14 already?

    I think originally they were thinking of persuing a love story with Claire and Peter, but Milo (Peter) was creeped out because Hayden (Claire) was underage, so they made them cousins instead. However, I heard that Hayden and Milo are dating in real live now that she’s 18, soo…

  5. Oh yeah, i saw a little spark between Peter and Claire, but i didn’t imagine there was any romantic attraction. I think they were both just pleased to have found someone else with “abilities”. :)

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