Nicholas Flamel was bisexual!!

Heheh, i’m only joking. I noticed that in Philosopher’s Stone, Nicholas Flamel is described as Dumbledore’s partner … with the knowledge that Dumbledore was gay, we could now re-interpret that. Oh, but wait, Philosopher’s Stone also tells us that Nicholas was married to Perenelle Flamel.

So the ‘obvious’ conclusion … Nicholas Flamel was bisexual AND polyamorous!!

I love crackpot theories! ;)

I am amazed at the drama that has exploded all over the Potterverse and news columns about this gay Dumbledore malarky. In my opinion, it’s absolutely fantastic that the most respected, most powerful wizard of all time also happened to be gay. I see no reason to question Jo’s motives in only revealing it now. Personally, i feel compelled to read the whole series yet again and look for all the little clues. I believe they begin on page 12 of Philosopher’s Stone, with Dumbledore’s purple cloak and high-heeled boots! I also love the “Nice suit, sir” comment from Harry at seeing younger Dumbledore’s “flamboyantly cut suit of plum velvet”! By Half-Blood Prince Harry certainly had suspicions of Dumbledore’s sexuality!

Deathly Hallows spoilers follow …

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