An experiment

I always find it very hard to adapt to the hour change – forwards or backwards, it doesn’t matter – i always feel tired for about a week as i get used to it.

So this time i’m trying something different: just pretend it never happened! Whilst everyone else enjoyed an hour extra in bed, i just got up at my usual time (which is an hour earlier in New Time). So i now work 8-4 instead of 9-5. I took my lunch an hour earlier. I will go to bed an hour earlier. To my internal body clock it’s as if nothing changed! :)

We will see how this goes.

The weekend was a busy one. The server that hosts MyChores fell over and so i spent most of the weekend trying to contact the host company – and looking around for a new host! The weather was pretty miserable so i didn’t really want to go out anyway. It was a shame because i was going to go out to Southampton to meet a friend. I got as far as the steps outside our front door and just couldn’t face it – the rain was pouring down like crazy! I hope we’ll be able to meet up next week instead, because i felt bad about cancelling.

I took a test at work today; it’s the test that they give people who apply to work with us as developers, at the same time as the interview. It was mostly .NET and C# oriented, so i didn’t have a clue about much of it, but it doesn’t matter. It just tells me i have a lot to learn! I’m going to start 50/50 development and testing early next year, and see how it goes for three months. If i like it, and if i’m good at it, i can become a full-time developer. I should be able to go on a C# course between now and Christmas, to learn all the things that i didn’t know in the test today!


6 comments on “An experiment

  1. I am currently with Rushed Sunlight, who are based in Dublin. They are nice and friendly, very helpful, but the support is not reliable. Still, Ten Euros a month for unlimited storage and bandwidth is very nice! :)

    I am soon to transfer to HostingRails in Texas. They totally grok Rails! They have all the Ruby gems i have ever needed, and many more besides. They are extremely helpful, with a full-time support team. On a site like MyChores we really need that. I wouldn’t like another whole weekend of downtime again!

    For more information see the MyChores Journal.

  2. Hahaha… Good luck with the time change! Sounds like an interesting plan…

    By the way, do you call the clock change New Time? Because in the US it’s Daylight Savings Time…

  3. We haven’t had the time change yet. Next weekend is when we change time. Some new stupid thing our gov’t decided to do this year. *Shrugs*

  4. To Lola: no, we don’t! We have Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and British Summer Time (BST).

    My reference to ‘New Time’ is a lame British joke referring to what people still sometimes call ‘New Money’. Before decimalisation in 1971 we used to have:
    4 farthings in a penny
    12 pennies in a shilling
    20 shillings in a pound
    (21 shillings in a guinea)

    I know, sounds like wizard money, doesn’t it?! I wasn’t yet born in those days so i have never understood ‘Old Money’ but the older generation still claim to find ‘New Money’ confusing. The same thing happens with ounces and pounds – replaced with grams and kilograms, inches, feet and yards – replaced with centimetres and metres. Incidentally we still use miles, not kilometres. The phrase “What’s that in new money?” can refer to anything that has been reformed and you pretend you can’t understand it yet!

    Since i get very confused about the hour change i will often refer to times “in Old Time” and “in New Time” to help me get my head around it!

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