Facebook challenge!

My company blocked Facebook today. If it was supposed to prevent us wasting time at work, it backfired – at least in the Dev department! Naturally we took it as a challenge to see how quickly we could bypass the block!

The obvious route was via proxy browsers. That works, but it’s very slow. Mobile emulators work faster, if you’re happy to browse without CSS. A strange thing happens if you try to go via IP address: resolves to http://69.63.facebook.com which is completely useless on any computer! I’ve never seen *half* an IP address get resolved before. That’s weird!

One person’s solution is to connect back to their PC at home via Terminal Services! Message to all IT departments everywhere: you’ll never be able to block sites completely. All you’ll do is encourage people to find time-consuming and possibly dangerous workarounds!

I wouldn’t say i go on Facebook much at work anyway; when i do it’s just for a few minutes to send a quick message to somebody. If they block YouTube, then i’ll be upset!

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7 comments on “Facebook challenge!

  1. You know Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, and probably many other web sites I discovered and signed up for for the first time at work. And now they’re all blocked. They even block the proxy sites so I can’t view them that way! (Even the Internet Archive “Wayback Machine” thing is blocked!)

  2. Hmmm, but i think new proxy browsers appear on the internet every day! They’d have a full-time job tracking them all down to block them! In any case, i think it gives quite a negative “we don’t trust you” message.

  3. My company actually uses a service that determines what sites are blocked, so I imagine they have a full staff of people to sniff out new proxy browsers and other time-wasters. Sigh. What do they expect me to do in the office, work?

  4. I tried going to dwiloan.com just now and got this message:
    The following URL is blocked by policy because of its content categorization by our subscription service: “Proxy Avoidance”

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