Kinda random …

A discussion about a wire-bound A4 notebook, eg:

Wirebound notebook

Colleague: I think i’ll run my notebook in widescreen mode from now on.
Me: Why?
Colleague: I might be able to fit more on it.
Me: But the lines go the wrong way.
Colleague: Oh yeah. I should be able to right-click on it and choose orientation.
Me: Hmmm. *looks on internet* Oh, they do a version with 5mm squares!
Colleague: That would do it!


2 comments on “Kinda random …

  1. Oh, yeah, especially when my brain and my mouth sometimes seem to work asynchronously. Maybe i should say, “Ctrl-Z that!” whenever i’ve said something i shouldn’t! ;)

    Another thing … why is photoshop so much easier to apply than makeup?! heheheh …

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