I have been working really hard on MyChores today. Ported it across to the new server, fixed a bunch of code issues ready for Rails 2.0 and tweaked the session storage method. The last of the DNS servers seem to be picking up the new location now; it seems to be going to the right place more often than not.

Oh yes, and in the midst of all that we got our 600th member today!! :D

Yesterday i got some business cards, so i had the idea to turn them into a banner that people can copy into their blogs, websites, emails etc: helps you track household chores and other recurring tasks!

If you want one, you can get the code from the Invite friends page.

If you’d like a few real physical cards to give to friends and family, just let me know and i’ll send you a few! You don’t even have to be a MyChores member! ;)


4 comments on “MyChores

  1. Oh yes, CSS is an absolute necessity – unless you want to make your life really really difficult! Or unless you only have one page, i suppose.

    How about you? How are your CSS skills coming along?

  2. I’m still very newbie with css. I’m looking for someone to build a layout for a website for me because I’m css-retarded and can’t figure out anything cool.

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