The Spice Girls

I just watched the Spice Girls single (thank you youtube!) Not particularly impressed with the song and i don’t believe they were even in the same place at the same time to record the video. But it’s kinda nice that they’ve done it to raise money for Children in Need. Because i guess they will sell a lot, no matter how dull the song happens to be! I sort of have to buy it because i have every single and album the Spice Girls ever did – yes, i even saved up the Pepsi ringpulls to get that one, whatever it was called, that you couldn’t buy.

Anyone who knew me in the late 90s would know that i was about as big a Spice Girls fan as it was possible to be! So i feel an incredible sense of nostalgia that they’ve got back together, even if only nominally. I put my name down for the tour, but there’s no way i’m spending over £100 to see it! I’ll watch a video sometime, probably!

Well, all i have to say is … Emma looks just as gorgeous as ever, Mel C still has the best voice (although was that a Mika p1ss-take half-way through the song?!), Victoria still looks uncomfortable and not quite sure what to do … unfortunately there’s not much to say about Mel B and Geri, because they didn’t really do much in the video. However, i am delighted to see Geri back! Yeah, i was upset when Geri left, and rather unimpressed when the other four tried to carry on regardless.

Let’s hope everything goes well and we get a few more memorable songs out of the Spice Girls.

* * *

Update: Oh dear. Now i’m watching old Spice Girls videos on youtube and becoming ridiculously nostalgic! I like it that they’re releasing this new single with “Wannabe” on the B-side, especially since the new song contains the line “Friendship never ends”. That alone gives me serious goose-bumps!!

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