Children in Need madness

Children in Need Friday has become Children in Need Week!

We generally get cakes on Fridays supplied by the company. This week they’ve come today, because we’ll all have plenty to eat on Friday. The catch is – we have to pay for them today! For Children in Need, of course! Somebody upstairs also baked some cookies and sold them for 50p each.

I’ve just heard a suggestion: “50p to have LANDesk removed from your PC!” haha! I bet a lot of people would pay for that! ;)

“I will give 50p to Children in Need for everyone who takes a CR off my list!”

Friday is supposedly dress-down day. The thing is, in Development we never really dress very smart anyway. I thought it would be funny if everyone paid £1 for us all to dress up for a day! We could all come in tuxedos and ball gowns! That’d be hilarious! :)

“How do you save anything in this bloody Office 2007?! Where’s the normal File menu?!” – “Ah, for Children in Need that’s £10 per question answered!”

Somebody suggested we should all just pay £5 to not participate in all the games and nonsense and go home 2 hours early instead of all the time we will waste!