Windows Vista how much do i hate you

Dear Windows Vista,

When i have logged on as an administrator and i have right-clicked on something and told you to ‘Run as Administrator’ and i have clicked the confirm button … DO NOT TELL ME this action requires elevation!!! How much more elevated can i possibly get?!

I am starting to think Windows Vista has been sent to us with the sole purpose of annoying us as much as possible.

I seem to have found a workaround: install the program you want on a different machine, then network to it and copy the entire program directory to your desktop and run it from there. Not exactly the easiest method, but it’s the only one i’ve found that works.

I also love the double confirmation you need to give to create a folder. Once to create it as ‘New Folder’ and again to rename it to a proper name! When i’m logged on as a numpty user i have to enter an administrator username and password both times. Micro$oft, would you please go and visit your nice friendly competitors at Apple and learn a thing or two about usability? Kthxbye.


6 comments on “Windows Vista how much do i hate you

  1. You have to ask yourself, “What were they thinking?” It’s nearly impossible to do anything.

    It’s getting to be time to buy a new machine, and I absolutely refuse to get Vista. I’m thinking Mac or Ubuntu.

  2. I can highly recommend Ubuntu. I installed Debian a couple of months ago and i really love it. Ubuntu is probably a bit easier if you’ve never used Linux before; i think it includes a few more wizards and tricks for finding ways to do things.

    Obviously Apple are right on the leading edge for user interface. You won’t go far wrong with a Mac, i don’t think!

    Good luck!

  3. I love Macs all the more since trying them out in the Apple stores. Apple are really on to something with their play areas, er, i mean shops, aren’t they! :)

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