Happy happy happy!!

Oh, what a Children in Need night this is! The Spice Girls and Boyzone! It feels like the nineties all over again! :)

Im waiting for youtube to get the videos! Mel C looked great in that top hat, and i saw a lovely tender cuddle between Mel C and Geri, awww! And everyone in Boyzone were all hugging and laughing. Stephen Gately looked so excited, heheh! Ronan Keating looked better than ever – i saw a touch of Simon Pegg with that short beard! ;)

Oh and how cool was that Dr Who?!?!!! :D Plus i have a not-very-secret crush on Fearne Cotton, so the evening is going very well for me! *melts* :)

Children in Need was good at work today, too. I won two things on a raffle, one of which will make a lovely Christmas present for my partner! Yay! I took £10 and decided to spend it on whatever for Children in Need. There was plenty to spend it on, with competitions, games, and food! :) But the gift i won was probably worth more than £10 so i did well out of it! :D

Finally, to complete my happiness tonight, i found these on harry_and_ron:

Dan and Rupert kiss?! Dan speech, Rupert speechless

Awww!! I dont think a Daniel/Rupert relationship is likely to happen, but its fun to speculate! ;) Its a bisexual world we live in these days, after all! Last i heard Daniel had fallen in love with the girl from Equus, which sounds yummily adorable if its true!


Hockley Viaduct

There is a beautiful old viaduct in Winchester – apparently the longest brick structure in Hampshire. I have felt a certain affinity with this viaduct since my early childhood; i used to pass it at least once a month, and i even remember dreaming about it in my youth.

Hockley Viaduct

It has suddenly been brought to my attention because it has been neglected and is possibly even in danger of being demolished. Suddenly i feel a huge regret that i never went to see it up close, that i never walked across it when i had the chance. I dont think you even can walk on it now. But there is a group called Friends of Hockley Viaduct who met earlier this week to raise money to have it repaired and restored! YAY!!

So now i want to get involved! I am poking the internet to see what i can do to help, but so far its not being very forthcoming.