Hockley Viaduct

There is a beautiful old viaduct in Winchester – apparently the longest brick structure in Hampshire. I have felt a certain affinity with this viaduct since my early childhood; i used to pass it at least once a month, and i even remember dreaming about it in my youth.

Hockley Viaduct

It has suddenly been brought to my attention because it has been neglected and is possibly even in danger of being demolished. Suddenly i feel a huge regret that i never went to see it up close, that i never walked across it when i had the chance. I dont think you even can walk on it now. But there is a group called Friends of Hockley Viaduct who met earlier this week to raise money to have it repaired and restored! YAY!!

So now i want to get involved! I am poking the internet to see what i can do to help, but so far its not being very forthcoming.


4 comments on “Hockley Viaduct

  1. Oh that Viaduct. I’ve been up there all the time!

    Here We Go!
    You can still walk on it. What you do is walk along 5 bridges road, till your near entrance to the motorway. When you go under the viaduct (after going though the wooden gate), you will see a metal sign with two choices left or right. To make sure its the right sign, it has this graffiti on the back of it. Start again at the gate, walk halfway towards the sign. Then turn right. You should find a flight of stairs. Go up these stairs and your allong the same path as the viaduct. Turn left to go on with the viaduct as seen from the motorway, or right if you want to go other.

    Flickr thoughs up a ton of results with “Hockley Viaduct”. :)

    I was once meeting a group of friends on the viaduct in 2005 to do some filming for a World War style film. I couldn’t find a way up so I went under the viaduct and walked around for a little while. I found a few drug hangouts and the odd black plastic bag filled with “obscene” items. I think there still there. In the end I had to climb over a few fences and jabbed myself in the ribs. God, it was like something out of a Famous Five novel!

  2. Oh wow, i actually love you for telling me how i can get to see it. I think i only know it from the other end, and i wasnt sure if you were allowed to walk on it.

    Thanks, i will try that walk someday soon. Possibly on the same day as i do St Catherines Hill, because i am longing to go up St Catherines again!

  3. The Friends of Hockley Viaduct can be contacted through the Membership Secretary Julia Sandison at 01962 867490 or email julia@ntcom.co.uk
    Our website will be up and running very soon!

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