Waking up slowly

Happy Caturday! :) I am eating hot porridge oats and a cup of coffee … what a nice way to wake up.

The last two weekends i have been stuck in front of my computer, programming. Whilst that is very satisfying for me, it has taken its toll since i tend to spend every day at work also in front of a computer! My shoulders feel tense and i feel tired and in need of a rest. So this weekend is going to be different. I am going to Southampton today, to see a friend and watch Harry Potter. We saw Prisoner of Azkaban recently, and well watch Goblet of Fire today. Unknown to my friend, i have also bought Order of the Phoenix DVD, so we may well end up watching that too! :)

Tomorrow i am going to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We went nearly a year ago with my partners parents, but we didnt see much. The tickets last a year, so we are going to take my grandparents tomorrow … well … to be more accurate, they are taking us, since they have the car! Well see the Mary Rose and the HMS Warrior, plus the museums. Should be fun! :)

I am currently trying to make up my mind about a certain punctuation character – the apostrophe. Here are two websites:
The Apostrophe Protection Society
Kill The Apostrophe

I have to say, having read them both, im more inclined to go with the latter. Its not that im against proper punctuation; i have long been a fan of the semi-colon, as many people know! ;) But the semi-colon is useful; the apostrophe is not. You can read almost anything without apostrophes and the meaning is not lost at all. To me, leaving out the apostrophe is far better than using it where it shouldnt be (as in greengrocers apostrophes)!

I think a blog is a very good place to experiment with grammar and punctuation. So im going to be leaving out apostrophes for a while and see if it annoys anyone!


Lets discard the apostrophe. Its pointless.

Oh yes, and as i said, its Caturday! Well hey, this is the last apostrophe youll get from me for a while:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


9 comments on “Waking up slowly

  1. This entry read fine without apostrophes, the only confusing part was “well watch Goblet of Fire today,” I read as well and not we’ll, but quickly realized which one you meant.

  2. Mmmm, thanks for the feedback. I dont particularly like the contractions im and id without apostrophes. Maybe i’ll find a happy medium – not all apostrophes are necessary to be able to understand, but some really help.

  3. I do find it quite annoying if apostrophes are left out, and find it slows my reading down quite a bit. I don’t normally read blogs whose authors deliberately don’t use standard grammar or punctuation. I do have one person on my LJ flist who doesn’t use capitals, so perhaps I could get used to you not using apostrophes, but I find the lack of apostrophes much uglier than the lack of capitals.

  4. Thank you Liz, that is all the feedback i need. My mind is made up: i am going to continue using apostrophes as they should be used! :)

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