New plans

We have decided not to go to Portsmouth today because the weather is cold and wet. This means that my whole day has been thrown into disarray and i have no idea what to do today! Part of me wants to get on and catch up with all the chores that i didnt do yesterday … and part of me says i wasnt planning to do any chores today so why dont i just stay in bed all day!! ;)

I need to go to Southampton to pick up my phone at some point because i left it at my friends house yesterday. Oh, we had a great day – a total Harry Potter day – watched Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix, plus all the DVD extras behind the scenes, and the Hidden secrets of Harry Potter which was excellent.

Hmmm the trains are evidently having engineering works so im going to have to take a bus to Southampton … oh blah … how rubbish! One thing i am not going to do today is work on MyChores or spend excessive amounts of time on the computer. My shoulders still need a bit more rest, i think. Oh, i could go watch The Big Questions on BBC1 – thats usually good.


6 comments on “New plans

  1. Hmmm. You better get some pretty decent extras on those DVDs. Who wants four to choose from? That’s just ridiculous!!

    I’d make you a copy if i still had it, but i gave it to my friend.

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