The return of the apostrophe

Thanks to Liz for an insightful comment, i am not about to start campaigning for all apostrophes to be abolished. I have found out that apostrophes are not in fact pointless; they do aid understanding. Okay, you may be able to understand something without apostrophes, but you might need to read it twice to get the context in order to understand it. That’s not helpful.

Since i have no particular need to avoid apostrophes, i am going to continue using them as they ought to be used. I still maintain that i’d rather see a piece of text with no apostrophes than see apostrophes where they shouldn’t be … but that’s a different story. I am unlikely to be able to teach the whole world the laws of English grammar and punctuation so maybe i shouldn’t try … instead i could try just letting it go.

Thank you to Lola and Liz for your valuable feedback.


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